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J.B. September 2014

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome after trying for a baby for nearly a year, and decided to try reflexology, alongside metformin, which was prescribe by my consultant.

Gabby made me feel really at ease despite talking about a very sensitive topic. Not only did she treat me but we also discussed diet and exercise which may help me ovulate.

After only 3 treatments, I fell pregnant, which surpassed all my expectations. I couldn't believe I fell pregnant so quickly. I continued to have reflexology during my late stage of pregnancy. I have now given birth to my daughter.

I have been so impressed with Gabby that my daughter and I are now attending her baby reflexology course, which my daughter loves and is a great opportunity to meet other new mums. We have been trying out the techniques at home.

Gabby - thank you for helping my husband and I become parents x

C.B. November 2013

I found Gabby after a search on the internet and after trying for baby number 2 for over a year. I didn’t know if Reflexology would help/ work but I was open minded and happy to try anything after a long year which sadly included a miscarriage.

Gabby was very helpful and informative over the phone when I initially called and we booked in for my first appointment. Gabby was so lovely from the beginning and has a good instinct, seeming to understand and “know” her clients immediately! I had regular treatments from late 2012 into 2013,, falling pregnant within the first month of treatment. This sadly ended in miscarriage but I continued with Gabby’s treatments and fell pregnant again within 2 months and this, I’m happy to say resulted in a much longed for Baby Girl born at the end of Sept 2013.

I have no doubt that Gabby and her treatment sessions helped us to conceive our little girl and I will be eternally grateful for all her help and support, understanding, friendship and words of wisdom (and the hot water bottle and blanket on the cold evenings J

The treatments were always calm and relaxing and I always felt so much better after them.

Thank you Gabby for everything and I can’t wait to introduce our little girl to you xxx

J.L. November 2013

I have known gabby as my reflexologist for nearly 3 Years. My friend recommended me to visit gabby for fertility reflexology treatment which at first I was not very keen to believe in these treatments, but thought to myself that I would give it a try as nothing else was working for me. The atmosphere in the treatment room was very relaxing. Gabby plays relaxing music and she puts candles in the room as well as a very comfortable chair for you to lie on, I was immediately surprised and felt less anxious when I visited.

Gabby has been there for me since Day One starting my treatment. She has seen me through my ups and downs. There were times when I was so fed up after trying for so long for a baby that I was so desperate I would get emotional and cry my eyes out during my treatment with Gabby. It was so difficult seeing most of my friends and family getting pregnant before me. Gabby was there to listen to me and she was there to reassure me. I have always felt super relaxed after my treatments and she helped me to stay positive about myself.

I was under the fertility specialists at a hospital during my reflexology treatments as I suffer with Polycystic Ovaries. I was on Clomid treatment however that failed to work. I finally managed to relax somehow and was stress free so I continued to see Gabby whilst waiting for further advice from the specialists.

I am over the moon right now as I am 37 weeks pregnancy and still having positive, relaxing pregnancy treatments with Gabby. I managed to conceive naturally!

I would highly recommend Gabby Lamplugh as your reflexologist whether it is for stress, fertility or during pregnancy. My experiences with her have made me feel really calm and relaxed. I now look forward to giving birth to my beautiful baby and would like to hopefully continue to receive treatments with Gabby in the future. It really can’t hurt to just give reflexology a go and see for yourself J

Thank You SO Much Gabby!

H.M. March 2013

I first visited Gabby in October 2012 as we were about to embark on IVF after nearly two years of trying. At the time I felt very emotional and daunted by the whole process and wasn’t sure how I was going to cope both practically and emotionally. I knew I needed some kind of support to help me through this difficult time, I came across gabby whilst looking for a support group in the Cheshire area. I had tried alternative therapies before so knew they work for me. Although I was anxious on my first visit gabby was very friendly and welcoming and soon put me at ease. I felt relaxed as soon as I sat in her amazingly relaxing chair!! That was nearly 6 months ago and I’m now 13 weeks pregnant! I am in no doubt that Gabby's expertise in reflexogy helped me to reach this goal as well as her listening ear, support and advice. I’m positive that gabby helped me to build my resilience to enable me to go through IVF with a positive and calm (most of the time!) In order for us to have the positive outcome we did. We feel incredibly lucky that the IVF worked first time and I feel incredibly lucky that I came across gabby. I look forward to every appointment I have and hope gabby will be able to make my pregnancy as positive an experience as she did my IVF.

SN: August 2012

After trying for a baby for almost 3 years, I visited Gabby who was recommended by a friend in a similar situation. Having never had reflexology before I didn't know what to expect but found it to be one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. Gabby created a relaxing welcoming environment and found problem areas to work on to help improve my chances of conceiving. I started a second round of IVF treatment during my treatment with Gabby and really valued the time I had discussing all my concerns with her- like talking with a friend.

Amazingly, 2 months later I fell pregnant and couldn't wait to share our news with Gabby. We now have a beautiful healthy, contented little girl and I can't help but express my gratitude to Gabby for her treatment, support and advice in getting me there!

LR: March 2011

Gabby is so welcoming and is amazingly understanding and supportive. She has been such an influence on my journey to conceive, through her continued support and encouragement, to her tips and recommendations, as well as introductions to new areas to assist in improving my chances.

When I first started going I was extremely anxious and stressed and held a lot of tension in my body, but specifically I was aware of tension in my shoulders. This improved after session 1 and disappeared after 2.

Gabby is very professional and her knowledge of reflexology is extensive. She always explains what she is doing and what she has found during the treatments and makes recommendations on how you can also help improve those areas yourself, through lifestyle choices.

I can’t thank Gabby enough for her support, kindness and help in getting me to where I was trying to get. I will definitely be returning for treatments throughout my pregnancy.

Sports injury

J.C. November 2013

I started seeing Gabby a few months ago as an attempt to sort out an ongoing lower back/hip issue that I have had for the last 5 years. I have tried so many things to diagnose and reduce the pain with no avail and someone recommended trying Gabby. When I first went to her I was in quite a bit of pain but, through a few intensive treatment sessions she has managed to get rid of the constant aching I had. We are still working to keep me healthy but I am in a much better place than I have ever been with the pain I was getting. I have to say there are not many treatments you go to looking forward to them, but the genuine care that Gabby shows and the rapport she builds with you, makes it a pleasure to see her. Thoroughly recommend her.

Car injury

R.G November 2013

After 2 ½ years of physio after a car accident I was still suffering intensely with back pain and as a result of this I was struggling to conceive. At this point I saw no end of pain and certainly felt like I would never have a baby. I visited Gabby who worked through the issues with me, she made me feel at ease and extremely relaxed. I had faith in her from the start, she was extremely supportive and always shared her findings.

After just 2 sessions and a couple of different reflexology techniques, I was starting to feel a difference. On my third session I shared my fantastic news, I was expecting my first child! I had taken Gabby’s advice and saw results quickly.

I have already recommended Gabby to a few of my friends and would highly recommend Gabby’s

De-stress and wellbeing

EB: Feb 2011

My overall experience of reflexology with Gabby was absolutely fantastic. There is a really relaxing atmosphere where you can really unwind. Gabby always gives a summary at the end of each session so you know what she has found/ discovered/ worked on and gives you suggestions of things to think about and work on.

I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed, de-stressed and mentally clearer. Without doubt, Gabby is passionate about what she does and is continually reading around the subject and shares her findings with you – fascinating.

JL: Aug 2010

I visited Gabby as I was looking for a way to deal with the stress of my busy job which was impacting my health. Although initially sceptical, I was able to relax and enjoy the sessions and together which the practical and positive advice Gabby provided, I found it had a really positive effect on how I deal with the stress at work. I have recommended Gabby to everyone at work and now view the treatments as something I look forward to at the end of a busy week!!

AW: Jan 2010

I have been to Gabby for reflexology for general wellbeing. I have always been surprised at how perceptive her treatments are. I have left after a treatment feeling so much better, even when I didn’t realise how tired or under par I was when I went in. She presents a wonderfully calm, relaxing experience.

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