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Sports Reflexology

Gabby Lamplugh Reflexology - Sports Reflexology

Having regular reflexology treatments benefits the body by improving circulation and encouraging lymphatic action. Thereby energising muscles and reducing lactic acid.

  • Train and play for longer without muscle fatigue or cramping.

  • Reduced muscle stiffness due to elimination of lactic acid. Reduces recovery times between training and matches.

  • Less likely to suffer soft tissue sprains, strains, tears & ruptures as muscles are less fatigued.

  • Improved healing response to pain and Inflammation with less need for drugs or medication.

A recent pilot study   analysed the pain and flexibility felt from a persistent, long term injury, before and after competitive professional football matches. It found:

  • 20% - 50% improvement in pain felt from the injury during training & competitive games
  • 20% - 33% improvement in flexibility of the injury during training & competitive games.

Other reported benefits included:

  • Improved balance whilst playing
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety

Impact of Stress and Anxiety on Sporting Performance: Research

Researchers have documented a consistent, positive association between life stress and sport injury ..

Research shows that Reflexology reduces state anxiety and cardiovascular activity in healthy individuals, consistent with stress reduction 1. Therefore lowering the risk of injury by:

    • Decreasing muscular tension
    • Reducing stress-induced narrowing of the peripheral visual field
    • Enhancing concentration on the task in hand. 2


Reflexology treatments should be 45 mins, initially 2 days prior to competitive games. Treatments should be 1 day prior to game once “healing crisis” has been overcome. When going for a reflexology treatment please take details of any medication/ painkillers you are taking and wear clothes that allow access to the feet and lower leg. .